Photo & Wall Frames

We carry photo and wall frames styles to suit every décor theme including metallic, rustic, traditional, contemporary, and antiqued frames. Many are unique to NW Framing and can’t be found anywhere else. Looking for locally made? Ask for Woodworks for Arcadia Antiqued frames, all made in Portland, Oregon, at your local frame shop. We also offer environmentally friendly and archival options.

Frames range in size from 5×5″ to 27×40″, with both high-end and value-priced options. You’ll find many options for common needs like diplomas, album covers, Instagram photos, standard photo prints, movie posters and more.

One-of-a-Kind Frames

When custom frames are created for our customers, there are often smaller pieces of moulding left over. Instead of discarding these or allowing them to build up and become damaged and unusable, we create frames and offer them for much less than a custom frame would sell for in the same size. This allows our customers to own a fabulous “One of a Kind” frame at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a custom frame.

These frames come in 8×10″, 11×14″ and 16×20″. Selection varies by store because, after all, they are One of a Kind!

Frugal Frames

Frugal Frames were created as a value priced option at Frame Central stores for art that may not have the status of a family heirloom or fine art, but is still important enough to frame and hang on the wall. They are classic contemporary frame styles that will fit into any décor or setting. They’re also great for kid’s art, office documents and for artists who want to frame their work for resale.