We collect the art we love and feature it in our homes because we love the way it feels, we enjoy the atmosphere it cultivates, and we value the presence of art in our daily lives. We frame art both to present and enhance our art, and to protect it from the elements over time, but did you know that improperly framing a work of art can actually damage it?

It’s an unfortunate and surprisingly often told story. With the best intentions people attempt to frame their pictures, art or documents, but in the process damage them. Even more prevalent than this are stories of people choosing framing materials that leach acid into the work and discolor it over time. Once the damage is done it’s extremely difficult, or even impossible for that damage to be be undone.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most kinds of tape can cause staining over time. Only the highest quality archival tape can be trusted, and even some of those aren’t the real deal. While some of these stains might be removable, it’s best not to risk it.

Finally, natural elements can affect your framed art just as drastically as unskilled hands or low quality framing materials. Everything from humidity to ultraviolet light cast from the sun or interior lighting can affect your artwork. A skilled framer can reduce the risks of these elements, increasing their lifespan no matter where you live.

We specialize in preventing that sort of damage and preserving your artwork in the long term. Our framing practices will minimize these dangers. We use only the highest archival quality framing materials we know won’t damage your art and effectively protect against hazards like UV rays and humidity.

Our frames are beautiful, but beauty is only half of their function. Before you have your work of art framed using substandard framing practices, bring your art in to one of our frame shops, where we take pride in the longevity and the beauty of displaying the art our frames protect.

Not only will we minimize the dangers, we will maximize your enjoyment of your art. Our framing designs will beautifully enhance your piece and never detract from it. So don’t settle for poor design or substandard framing practices.