When people think of custom framing, the first thing that their minds jump to is often and inevitably things like paintings, drawings, and photographs. But we do much more than the standard and traditional frame job (although we do that quite well too!). People are often looking for creative and space saving ways to take care of their important memories and treasured memorabilia, but they don’t always think of custom framing as a great way to display their cherished mementos in a way that is stylish and attractive, without taking up storage space or having them waste away in a memory box somewhere. Here is our beginner’s guide to framing your memorabilia and collectibles, so that you can share your memories and treasures with everyone for years to come!

What to Frame

When it comes to framing memorabilia and collectibles, the options are nearly endless. Some of the more classic projects that come through our doors are things like wedding memorabilia, including items like invitations, placeholders, garters, veils, and bouquets. Another common choice is baby and new born themed frames. These could include items like handprints and a birth certificate, baby’s first outfit, or a birth announcement. When it comes to collectibles, sports-themed framing projects are very popular. Consider framing and displaying your football or soccer gear.

What Type of Frame to Choose

One of the reasons that people don’t necessarily turn first to framing when they think of preserving their memorabilia is that they think only in terms of the classic, 2D frames. But there are plenty of modern options that are deep enough to hold everything from the game winning baseball to the champagne glasses you used in your wedding toast! Shadow box framing is a great option when it comes to these sorts of items, but if you bring your collectibles into one of our stores, we can help you find a custom solution that will perfectly fit your treasures!

Archival Framing

If you’re worried about the lifespan of your memorabilia, we want you to know that our archival framing techniques are sure to help your treasured items last for as long as possible, so that they can be passed down from generation to generation. Your diplomas, photos, and other important documents will be much safer in a custom frame than they would be in a box in the attic and you get to actually enjoy them all year round.