Many modern décor styles tend to emphasize minimalism and sleek, streamlined looks these days. While the clean edges and simple styles of this trend may work in some homes, at other times it can be fun to embrace a sense of opulence, and bring a more traditional touch of drama to your décor. Nothing accomplishes this more than ornate frames. These over the top framing styles feature a rococo abundance of design elements, but they can be difficult to use amongst simpler furnishings. Here are some great ways that you can make ornate frames work in your home.

1. Ornate Framed Cork Board

Corkboards can be perfect for helping you stay organized. You can display seasonal cards, keep track of menus for local restaurants, or leave yourself important reminders. Unfortunately, the simple tan of traditional corkboards can look fairly drab and utilitarian. To add a touch of drama to your corkboard, frame it with an ornate frame, like in the example linked above, and you’ll create a stylish and eye catching piece of wall art that still provides functional organization space!

2. Ornate Framed Chalkboard

Chalkboards are another great organizational tool to have in your home. You can use them as decorative menu displays for dinner parties, chore reminders for the kids, or just as fun places to practice drawing or leave notes for your family members. Chalkboards are also like corkboards though, in that they can look austere and drab on their own. Choosing to contrast the dull black of the chalkboard background with the rich gold of an ornate frame, like in the project linked here, will create a fun decoration that is useful as well as stylish.

3. Ornate Framed Mirror

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up a dull vanity, bring a sense of regality to your bathroom by using an ornate frame around your bathroom mirror. You can stick with the classic gold plated look, or go with a more funky and modern style. Either way, you’ll create a focal point in your bathroom, which will make your morning routine brighter now that you’ve made a beautiful piece of wall art out of your mirror!

4. Ornate Frame Your TV

This is a slightly more unorthodox way to use ornate frames, but adding a little visual interest to your TV screen can make for a fun twist on traditional wall art. This cheeky touch will add flair and character to a TV that takes up space where art would traditionally hang.